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artist - DaRon Wright

DaRon Wright

Last update: 12/27/12 22:56:01
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Location: AMERICA NORTH: USA: Ohio (OH)
Signed up: 21 Feb 2009 07:36 PM
Band members:
Genre: Hip-Hop
PRO(ASCAP,BMI): Well the music culture in general has inspired me..


Born in Detroit, MI, D-Rain emerged as a gifted, creative, street poetic expressive rapper back in 2000. Utilizing his biting wit and incredible lyric writing skills to verbalize everything from his troubled past to his early adulthood, his street poetry has been labeled by some in the underground hip-hop world as an unmerited bona fide gift. D-Rain spent most of his teenage and early adulthood years shuttling back and forth between his hometown Detroit and the city of Toledo, OH.

Growing up was tough for D-Rain, being raised in a single parent home, looking for direction from a distant father and spending most of his early years being raised by his Grandma. D-Rain tried to put the pieces of his life together but unfortunately headed for a life of trouble. Nevertheless, it was his life experiences both good and bad that represents who he is and will become that are expressed in his lyrics. He began his hip-hop career at an early age but becoming a product of his troubled environment caused him to spend some time in the prison system, placing his career on hold.

It wasn’t until his father’s cold blooded murder in 2005 that he was influenced to reignite the flame of writing again. Immediately after his father’s burial, he headed straight to the studio to express the frustrations of his life through his lyrics. While re-emerging, he vowed to re-implement his gifts as a tribute to his father, all while bettering his chances at life and announcing his struggles to the world. Being selected within the top 10 of 50 finalists at a Detroit, MI local radio station “FM 98 WJLB” CD Critique contest in May of 2006 encouraged him to continue to strive to take his hip-hop career to the next level. Since then he hasn’t ceased taking any moments or opportunities available for him to do so.

His talents are recognized throughout the production process of his first CD. All verses and beats featured were personally written and selected. The street poetry lyrics featured are mere examples of what he desires and plans to offer to the hip-hop community. D-Rain continues to deliberate and enhance his skills as a hip-hop artist and strives to embark on the entertainment industry as a whole, both locally and nationally.

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